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Hi, and thanks for stopping by!


I'm Daena Ramsay: personal shopper, mom of two and lover of all things food related.

I'm a veteran personal shopper with 3 years of full time experience. I love and take great pride in what I do and am now taking private clients in Mississauga and Etobicoke. With time, I hope to grow this service into one that supports families, seniors and those who just need an extra set of hands and a couple of extra hours in the day by providing a variety of personalized services!  

I've shopped for thousands of families in Mississauga and Etobicoke, and I've shopped for every single one the same way: every expiry date is checked, produce is always perfect and you'll never get a dented can from me.

But I'm also a mom who feeds a family, and I understand what can be switched out without too much trouble and what might cause a melt down in a 4 year old if it's not quite right!  

I decided to take the leap and go out on my own as over the last year I've grown frustrated with many elements of contracting through an app, and knew there had to be a better way.  While the convenience of an app is definitely convenient, I know that I'm rarely happy with the service level and quality of products that I receive when I place orders of my own, and I hear the same sentiment from my regular customers far too often.  I WANT you to expect exceptional service from me every time, but also for the fees to be fair for BOTH of us, and I think I've found the right balance!  You can trust me to shop for your family the same way I shop for my own: with care, a keen eye for quality and with a budget in mind.


I'll make sure that everything is perfect, so that you don't have to

When you have a grocery order delivered there should be nothing for you to do besides putting away what you ordered.  Do you find yourself checking expiry dates, looking over produce and wasting time reporting missing and damaged items?  You shouldn't be!

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Your food will be treated with respect

By now most of us have crossed paths with shoppers working for one service or another, and all too often they're seen tossing food into their carts, racing around, shopping frozen items at the beginning of a trip and taking no care with the items they choose for the customer they're shopping for. I get many customer comments about how quick I am, but that's because I'm efficient and know my stores.  My cart is always organized and cold items are shopped directly into cooler bags, keeping them fresh for the trip to your home.  I use self check out wherever it's available, but even at a cashier I always bag the order myself so that I can ensure that its done properly.  My standards are high and it shows in everything that I do.

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