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Wouldn't a membership to one of the "big" grocery delivery services be cheaper?

If you're someone who orders a couple of things every day, it might be, as my service is designed for those who order once or twice per week and want it done with the same care that they would give it themselves. Remember, there's a considerable markup on every single product at most stores offered by other shopping services (usually 10-25%!).  If you're spending more than $200 then ordering through me will actually save you money in most cases.  You can also feel good knowing that your fees are going directly to your shopper, and you're supporting local business!  

How do I send you my list?

You have 3 options:

1) Set up a curbside order at the store of your choice (but leave it pending) and give either me the log in details or send me a screenshot, and I'll shop from that list.  This will give you the current in-store prices so you'll have a good idea of your total spend in advance, and will also let you see new items being offered.  


2) Jot down a list (either typed or a picture of a hand-written list).  I'll use my best judgement and brand knowledge to take care of the details!  It can be as simple as "3 Gala apples, 2 big cans of diced tomatoes, 1 club pack of ground beef, 1 box frozen chicken fingers, 2 individual Mac and cheese frozen dinners".  If you prefer this option we'll have a quick chat so I can get an idea of your preferences (generic vs name brand, etc...)

3) Call me! I'm more than happy to take your list over the phone if that's what works best for you!

When and how do I pay?

When I finish checking out I'll send you an invoice that breaks down your total and a picture of the store receipt.  You'll receive the original store receipt with your order.  Payment is due before your order is delivered, but you'll pay nothing until you receive my invoice and I'm on my way to your home. I currently accept cash and e-transfer, with credit card payments coming soon!

I don't have a Costco Membership.  Can I still order from there?

Yes you can as I'll use my membership!

What if the store doesn't have what I want?  Will you go somewhere else?

If the store is out of an item and I can make a replacement that makes sense I will.  If there's no clear replacement but I have some creative ideas I'll touch base to see what you'd like me to do!  If it's available elsewhere and you'd like me to make an extra stop on my way to your home, I'm happy to do so. All additional stops are subject to the $10 fee.

How far in advance do I need to order?  Can I set up a weekly delivery?

In most cases I can accommodate you on the same day, but 24 hours notice is best!  I'm happy to book a standing appointment for you!

Can I make additions once you've already started shopping?

Of course! As long as I haven't left the parking lot I'm happy to add any last minute items! 

Can I use my store rewards card? 

Absolutely!  You can send me a copy of your barcode which I'll scan for your order when I check out.  It will be saved to your customer profile for your orders going forward.

Do I get the sale price if something is on special?

Of course!  You pay strictly the in-store price at EVERY store and will get the store receipt when I deliver.  Other services charge up to a 25% mark up (on every single item!) at many of the stores they offer.

What if *gasp* something isn't perfect?

Everyone makes mistakes...myself included!  I stand behind my service level and if something isn't right just let me know and I'll be back within 24 hours with a replacement, at my expense.  I'll never purchase something for your family that I wouldn't purchase for my own without your ok. If something doesn't pass my quality check but there's not really anything to replace it with that makes sense, I'll touch base to let you make the call!

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