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How to Order

Decide what store(s) you'd like to order from, and what items you'd like me to purchase.


You can either set up an online order for a major chain (and send me the log in details or a screenshot), or create a more generalized list of what you need.  It can be as simple as "3 Gala apples, 2 big cans of diced tomatoes, 1 club pack of ground beef, 2 individual Mac and cheese frozen dinners".  If you're particular about brands for some things but not others, just let me know and I can work with your preferences and get you the best value.

If it's your first time ordering with me you can set up your customer account by clicking here.   Then, just send me an email or a text​, or give me a call to schedule your order.  If you'd rather set up your account over the phone we can do that as well.  Yes!  It's that easy!

On the day of your delivery I'll confirm with you an hour before I'm scheduled to start.  While I'm shopping if you'd like me to use my best judgement and make replacements as necessary I'm happy to.  If you'd prefer a quick text or call to make sure things are ok with you before I check out, that's ok too!  I'm a mom, a pretty accomplished home chef and also very budget can trust me to make great choices for your family!

When I've finished checking out I'll send you an invoice and copy of the store receipt, but you'll get the original when I arrive with your order.  Payment is expected before I complete your delivery.  I currently accept e-transfer and cash, with credit card payments coming soon!

Daena went above and beyond for me!  Chose great replacements, had great communication and made me feel taken care of. She was also extremely patient!


Thank you so much for making this easy and taking the extra effort to find us the right cake!

Daena did an incredible job with the delivery. The communication was on point and shopping was done professionally. Took the extra time to look for the items I want.  Definitely one of the best experiences here. Thanks so much!


  • Every order is charged a base fee for the first store ($20.00),  plus a service fee.

  • If you'd like me to stop at additional stores (your favourite butcher or bakery, or the LCBO for example) each stop is an additional $10, plus the service fee.

  • The service fee is 10% of your store receipt(s), before taxes. 

  • A total driving distance of 10km from the store(s) to your home is included in the base fee(s).  If you'd like me to venture a little further out that's no problem, but additional fees may apply. 

  • A heavy item fee may apply to multiple heavy items (ie. multiple cases of water or pop, bags of pet food or litter, etc...).  Heavy items are those that weigh 10lbs or more.  If your order includes more than 50lbs of these items a heavy item fee of $2.50/heavy item will apply.

  • Gratuity is never expected, but if you feel I've gone particularly above and beyond, is always appreciated.

Example: You place an order for items from Loblaws and your local bakery, with the total spent before tax being $260. Your fee for my services would be $56 ($20 + $10 + $26)

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